CR20 Car Mobile Holder

  • The unique design of 4 X-Grip Silicone support holds the phone perfectly to prevent it from falling while riding on a rugged terrain or on a bumpy surface.
  • The mobile holder comes with an adjustable length of 9.5mm screen.
  • Ideal fit for Windscreen/Dashboard/Air vent with a diameter frame of 18-32 mm.
  • The holder is housed in a 360° Dimensional Rotating Ball Head and an adjustable tuning knob.
  • The mobile holder is encased with Silicone Rubber on all Four Corners.
  • It is Compatible with handle bar with a diameter of 18-32mm for convenience.    It also has a Phone Lock knob for Strong Hold.
  • The device can be charged using car charger while it's put on mobile holder CR20.

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