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FPA 124 Smart USB Adapter 2.1A

  • Designed to provide the maximum powered and fastest charge for smart phones it is integrated with 5V Upto 1.5Amp Cable.
  • The 2.1Amp output allows you to charge your phone faster than ever before. 50% Battery Charge in almost 30 minutes.
  • Quick charge your phone up to 3× faster than any other charger.
  • Sure Grip Technology gives extra grip, never fight to get your plug out of the wall again.
  • Intelligently detects your device and delivers the optimal charge for your phone.
  • Compact design enables the Foxin Charger to fit perfectly with your bag for carving it.
  • The Built-in premium chipset in Charger ensures that no more worrying about the interference of your radio or GPS. Safe car charger equipped with over-voltage, over-heating, over-current modules, ensuring a safe charging on the trip.
  • Comes with a one year warranty to ensure a great user experience.

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