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Classy-Red Wired Mouse

  • It is convenient to use just by plug in the Nano receiver into the USB slot with no hassle of pairing or any software installation.
  • The DPI buttons that ensures no lag experience along with accuracy and responsiveness though the use of Agile DPI Control.
  • Ergonomic design to ensure best comfort and reduce the strain on hands for the longest gaming sessions.
  • Finished with an Anti-slip bottom and Glossy Highlighted Surface Coating for unmatched tactile contact needed for optimal accuracy.
  • The USB port jack allows it to be easily installed for the most convenient Plug-and-Play operation.
  • The 3-buttoned corded mouse lets you access all the navigation actions by pressing and holding the middle button, left button, and right button depending on your requirement.
  • Supports Software resolution up to 6400 DPI and hardware resolution up to 800 DPI ensures mirror-smooth, ultra-precise moves on almost any surface.
  • Supports IBM or compatible PC with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Macintosh system with MAC OS X or later.


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