Foxin 10000 mAh 22.5W QC+PD Fast Charging Li-Polymer Ultra Power Bank | Dual Micro & Type C Input | Dual USB & Type C Output | Black (FPB 183 Poly)

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▶️ 22.5W Portable Charger with QC+PD charging ports.
▶️ Fast charging, Digital Display, Dual Input, PTC protective, Overvoltage Protection.
▶️ Dual output: USB (22.5W), Type C (20W).
▶️ Dual USB Ports for charging two devices simultaneously.
▶️ Lightweight, scratch-resistant body.
▶️ Cutting-edge PD Technology for higher levels of Power than standard charging
▶️ LED Indicator to showcase the different percentages of charging throughout its charging.
▶️ BIS Certified | Made in India | 180-Days Warranty.

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