Laptop Adapter 60 Watt FLA60190SSG5530 Compatible for Samsung

Laptop Adapter 60 Watt FLA60190SSG5530 Compatible for Samsung

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  • To ensure the smoothest operating noise and minimal ripple effect, it has been enforced with smoothening/filter capacitors that smoothes any voltage level fluctuation.
  • Ensures smooth current flow while varying the current by regulating and maintaining a constant and consistent voltage output level for all laptops at any appoint of time.
  • Reduces the voltage stress across the main connector by ensuring power conversion to provide high efficiency.
  • To prevent the battery from any potential deformation or damage, the efficiently built-in circuit automatically shuts down in the event of a short circuit or voltage overload.
  • To avoid any event of electric shock, the 3-Pin socket prevents all sorts of current leakage on the metal body equipment by safely discharging it to the ground and safeguards the user while using the equipment.


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