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TERMINATOR Multimedia Tower Speakers 240 Watt

TERMINATOR Multimedia Tower Speakers 240 Watt

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  • The speaker provides 240 Watt of sensational tonal quality and delivers a richer sound that makes it ideal for bass lovers.
  • The advanced wireless technology allows or an easy and reliable connectivity. The speaker is equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology which is compatible with any devices.
  • Comes packed with a variety of input source options including AUX-in, USB, FM, and SD cards to connect audio devices such as MP3 player, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, etc. directly to the speaker.
  • Comes standard with a control knob to adjust the volume and bass level in an audio stream.
  • Comes with Portable Wireless Microphones ideal for to sing along song all day and record voice anywhere.
  • For one hand operation of changing tracks, adjusting volume and controlling the system the speaker comes standard with a remote.


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