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Foxin 250 Watt 12 Volt SMPS with 20+4 Pin FPS-800

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  • Stable Power Output: Uses a Switching Regulator to control and stabilize the output voltage by switching the load current on and off.
  • Low Noise & Power Efficient: Significant design improvements have been made that generate very low noise. Also, these power supplies offer a greater power conversion and reduce the overall power loss.
  • Multiple Protection System: Equipped with reliable circuitry that provides multiple protection against Overloading, Current, and Voltage surges in power system occurring due to sudden lightning impulses and switching impulses of the system.
  • High Quality Components and Circuitry: The SMPS with high-quality components uses semiconductor switching techniques, rather than standard linear methods to provide the required output voltage.
  • Optimal Performance and Reliability: The efficient SMPS uses solid-state switches to convert an unregulated DC input voltage to a regulated and smooth DC output voltage at different voltage levels, thus offering optimal performance and reliability.

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FPS-800 SMPS ATX 250 W SMPS is a great choice if you are building a home or office system with lower power demands, but you still demand the compatibility and reliability that Foxin is known for. The black coated enclosure give any system a polished look. The 12 cm fan is thermally controlled, so it only spins at maximum speed when it’s pushed hard, and even at full load, it delivers quiet operation. With Active Power Factor Correction & high-quality circuitry, you can have peace of mind knowing that your components are protected from uneven power delivery from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and short circuit.

Technical Specifications
Single Circular IC 6120 (AC Input 90-264 V)
12 cm Red Fan, Black Coating Enclosure, Indian AC Power cord
Power Input/Output Switch+Male Port
Active Power factor Corrector (PFC)
100% Burn-in Under High Ambient Temperature
Supports Intel & AMD Dual & Multi-Core Processor
Transformer EE35, EE19, EE16
MB 20+4 Pin x 1, CPU 4+4 x 1, PCI-e 6+2 Pin x 1, SATA x 4, MOLEX COMPATIBLE x 4
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