Foxin 18W Rapid Charging Smart Adapter with 5Amp Type-C (1.2 meters) Gear TPE Cable FPA-QC3.0

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  • High-Efficiency IC insideWith Intelligent IC, it auto-detects the connected device while also identifying the appropriate current to charge it optimally at its fully intended speed.
  • Stabilized Output: The device ensures to deliver a stabilized output with a consistent power supply regardless of changes in incoming voltage.
  • Quick Charge Mechanism: Quick Charge Technology maximizes the charging efficiency for up to 18 Watts of power, by allowing for a maximum current draw of 3 Amps through this standard USB adapter with a port voltage of 5 Volts.
  • SMPS I.C Base Technology: This advanced technology provides improved efficiency along with strong anti-interference protection to get rid of any disruption during operation.
  • All Round Safety: The charger is equipped with an internal protection mechanism with special safeguards and filters to prevent excessive current overloading and overheating giving you required safety in your journeys.
  • Incredibly Compact & Portable: Small in size and made of lightweight material making it a perfect travel companion.

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Foxin FPA-QC3.0 USB wall charger comes in a portable design that fits inside your bag, making it the perfect mobile accessory for travelling. The lightweight design makes it ideal for travel and daily use. With a Quick Charging Mechanism, it ensures that your mobile gets charged at a fast speed, saving your time. Additionally, these adapters are well-equipped with internal protection mechanisms that offer multiple Protection against Short-circuit, Over-Temperature, Over-Current

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage 150 -285V AC
Output Voltage  5.0V-3.0A/ 9V-2.0A/ 12V-1.5A (max.)
Input Current 0.50 Amp
Output Current 3.0 Amp Quick Charge Mechanism
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Output Wattage 18 Watt
Net Weight 30 gms
Warranty* 1 Year Warranty from the Date of Purchase
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