Warranty Policy

Limited Product Warranty and Liability


  1. Liability is limited to repair / refund / replacement of product found to be defective under specified normal use. All liabilities or special consequential losses/ damages and all warranties not stated herein, expressed or implied, including all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.
  2. Warranty will be void on physically damaged, broken, electrical overload stress/track cut items, pin bend on PCBs or Motherboards, mishandled, faulty installation, burnt out, out of warranty and serial number tampered goods.
  3. Obsolete items will be replaced with the new capacity against difference in amount decided by us.
  4. The liability of BSL towards the customer is limited strictly to the extent of the cost of the product sold, covered under the invoice and not liable for any incidental and/or consequential damages claimed by the customer. BSL shall not be liable for any third party claim arising out of the case of invoiced goods. The customer shall keep BSL indemnified from/against such claims.
  5. BSL reserves the right to reject any material received for warranty without manufacturer’s original packing.
  6. Customers are required to approach the given BSL Branch for all products covered under manufacturer’s STANDARD warranty.
  7. The company shall not be liable for any losses, injuries, damages or adverse effect whatsoever resulting whether directly or indirectly from.The use of products by the purchaser or any third party which do not confirm to the use prescribed by the company in its technical data or in any technical advice given by the company to the purchaser.


The use of the products by the purchaser or any third party outside the normal conditions of use of the product recognized or adhered to by user of similar products regardless whether the condition of use are not expressly excluded in the company’s technical data or in any technical advice given by the company to the purchaser.

The addition of other materials to the products by the purchaser or any other third party.

The failure of the products to comply with any express or implied warranties of the purchaser to any third party.


Warranty Policy:-


Warranty is Valid in India only for BSL Direct End Customer.


Cases that do not fall under DOA are REPAIR warranty cases. In such cases, the process is termed as RMA.

Customer will be advised by BSL partners to write on care@foxin.in OR call on +91 9038565656and get the issues addressed through telephonic trouble shooting. If the problem is not addressed, customer will be requested to visit nearest BSL Service Branch/ASP. If the customer goes to the Branch directly, the Branch will register the complaint.

The Branch Engineer will review the product defect and try to address the same. If addressed satisfactorily – Engineer will update the service action and close it.

If the Branch Engineer is unable to repair the product, the customer unit will be retained by him and an Acknowledgement receipt will be given to customer for the same (the customer acknowledgement receipt should clearly mention the “state‟ in which the unit has been returned; packaging status, accessory status, scratches and marks, etc.) in given format only. RMA time is 7-15 days.

Either the same repaired unit OR similar unit may be be provided in a case if unit is CNR- Can Not Repair.

Customer shall be responsible for bringing and collecting the Product from our Branch Service Centres or ASPs at his/her own cost. BSPL reserves the right to refuse the warranty in case the warranty card or proof of purchase is not produced by the customers.

In case of broken unit received, please inform us the same day of receiving the product by calling on +91 9038565656or Email at care@foxin.in,with product details. We will provide you further course of action within 24 Hrs time.

Any product which is found faulty within limited warranty period will be considered for Service @ No Extra Cost. BSL may determine if a defect can be repaired:-

Through telephone support to direct Customer. Take to BSL Service Centre.

Needs to be serviced by Branch /ASP itself.


Warranty Process:-


To register a complaint – Distributor/Dealer/Customer has to write us on care@foxin.in OR call on +91 9038565656

with the following details.

  1. Product Serial No and Customer Category.
  2. Name & Contact details.
  3. Date of Invoice and Dealer Name.


RMA / Complaint Number will be provided by the concerned person @ BSL’s end. Further course of Action will be informed by Concerned Person @ BSL’s end.

Distributor / Dealer must to check their ordered shipments, being received from BSL, within 21 Days to report for any consideration related to any physical damage. Physical Damage, if any, will not be considered beyond it.

A new product bought & reported by BSL Authorized Distributor / Dealer OR Customer that it does not Switch On or it does not function properly, or found any type of physical damage and the same has happened within the same day of purchase of the product, it may be a consider as “Special” case. Special Case means that BSL Engineer will be assigned to rectify the problem at Distributor/Dealer End and upon satisfactory assessment of the same, a similar product or the same unit after rectifying the error, will l be issued to the customer.

Engineer need to necessarily carry all the required components and tools to service the defect product and take a confirmation letter from the Partner on their services products.

For out of warranty products, the BSL will provide the estimated cost before the actual repair. The Estimate does not guarantee the 100% repair. If not repaired, the product will be returned back at no cost. BSPL will do sincere repair attempts we cannot guarantee to restore the original symptoms.


Please refer below for specific Warranty Policies on products.

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