Foxin All-In-One 22.5W QC+PD Power Bank with Built-in Charging Cables 10000 mAH - Compatible with all Phone Models | SuperVOOC, BIS Certified

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▶️ Versatile Charging: Foxin All-In-One Power Bank with 10000mAh capacity and built-in cables for 8-Pin, Type-C, and Micro-USB.
▶️ Rapid Charging: Up to 22.5W with QC+PD ports, supporting Super VOOC technology for quick power replenishment.
▶️ Multi-Device Charging: Triple input charging for simultaneous power-up of multiple devices on the go.
▶️ Compact & Lightweight: Sleek design for portability without compromise, ideal for fast charging anytime, anywhere.
▶️ Safety Assurance: BIS certified, PTC protective features, including over-current and overcharge protection, ensuring a reliable and secure power bank experience.
▶️ Tailored to You: Customize your Foxin All-In-One Power Bank with your name, making it uniquely yours for a personalized charging experience.
▶️ Compatibility: Built-in Type-C cable not compatible with iPhone 15 Series; however, the in-built ports support iPhone 15 Series using personal cables.

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